Social Media

Gilaroo offers a full-managed service in planning, designing, launching and managing social media campaigns.

What is Social Media?

Social media marketing is the online and digitized version of word of mouth marketing.

Social media enables companies to grow their brand and interact with new and existing customers in real-time by publishing information designed to be distributed through social interaction via publishing tools and online platforms such as Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Flickr and YouTube.

Social Media Toronto
Why use Social Media?

Social media is an excellent marketing tool to build customer engagement and brand loyalty. Using social media tools, businesses are able to start valuable and meaningful conversations with new and existing customers who in turn can promote the product & services your company is offering. Social media is also used as a tool to grow a companies brand and online reputation.

Our Social Media Services – What we will do

As social media is based around online dialogue and user participation, businesses must have a clear strategy when undertaking social media campaigns to ensure the right social media tools are used to achieve the required results. If a social media campaign is not planned and executed correctly, a lot of damage could be done to your business and brand.

Our social media campaign building program includes the following:

  • Review your business goals – identifying customers and target markets
  • Develop a social media roadmap (Audience, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Goals, Success Measurements)
  • Perform social media competitor analysis
  • Identify the correct social media tools to use based on your business objectives
  • Design, launch and manage your social media campaigns
  • Develop community building strategies
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Monitor and engage community and online conversations
  • Complete social media performance reporting – weekly/monthly

Our social media specialists will work with you to ensure your company has a strong and cost effective social media strategy.

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